How Long Do CBD Cartridges Last?

Vaping is one the rise today, with different people going for it for various purposes. While some use it purely for medicinal or therapeutic purposes such as to get away from stress or relieve themselves of chronic pain, others do so for fun or simply out of curiosity. Irrespective of your vaping needs, if you have just gotten yourself a vape pen, your next question will be how long the CBD cartridge will serve you before it runs out of the CBD oil. Surely, you can shop CBD pre rolls for sale to compliment you when your cartridge runs out. However, no one wants to be caught off guard when the cartridge suddenly runs out of CBD oil during your vaping endeavors, and that is why you need to understand some of the various factors that influence the durability of your CBD oil cartridges. Here are a few to consider.

Your vaping frequency

Typically, when you vape, you should enjoy the effect of your CBD almost immediately. Moreover, they should last for quite some time depending on other physiological characteristics. Ideally, each person is different from the other, and so is the effect and duration of CBD once they inhale. However, the estimated duration is roughly from 2 up to 6 hours. When your CBD effects wane faster, it means you have to add an extra vaping session, and this translates to higher usage in comparison to a person with just two. As a consequence, you might have to refill your cartridge every other month.

Individual dosage per day

Everyone’s needs for CBD differ. Often, a vaporizer puff is supposed to yield approximately 1-2mg of CBD when you inhale. Considering that the typical recommendation for daily intake is up to 10mg, which translates to five sessions. Well, this is just an ideal representation, although there may be significant variations on either side of the estimate. As a result, if you take lesser sessions, it means that your CBD cartridge will last significantly longer. The opposite is also true, as an individual who needs more than five sessions will have their cartridge run out much faster.

Your puffing routines

All CBD cartridges come with a limited amount of CBD oil, and once it is used up, you need to refill. Depending on your efficient use of the vaping tool, you can either maximally utilize your CBD oil, or end up having a significant amount wasted. For instance, some experts agree that vaping is largely an art one has to learn if you are looking to not only get the best CBD effects but also minimize wastages. Frequent improper puffs increase leakages of vapor reducing how long your CBD cartridge can last, and this means frequent visits to your refilling agent.

While there are many other factors that could impact on the durability of your CBD cartridge, have it in mind that a volume of 200 CBD hits should go for roughly a month. However, based on the explored factors among others, it can go overboard or fall short of the monthly estimation