Customer Satisfaction Survey

Famous for their quality and reliability, Home Depot is the most creative and resourceful home improvement suppliers in America. It has products ranging from sofas, tables, TVs, air conditioners, BBQ grills, hot tubs, curtains, Et cetera. The point of the entire store is that if someone wants to renovate or decorate their house thoroughly, they can find each and everything thing imaginable. The store is available online, with its vast stores located all around America. Since the brand gained significant names and profits, it has expanded itself into other countries as well. Today we see that Home Depot now have their SBUs working in Mexico, China, Canada, and Puerto Rico. In the American Environment, Home Depot has several rivals in the shape of Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, and JC Penny. All these competitors provide more or less the same facilities as Home Depot does. This makes such type of industry immensely competitive and challenging in terms of generating massive profits.

For a company to work under such a competitive industry, companies need to establish some sort of competitive advantage over rival firms. This is because having a competitive advantage is the best strategy to use to gain significant profits and a much-loved brand name. Hence for this, the company gives excellent value to customer satisfaction surveys. These surveys are readily available on

Methods to fill the survey

For anyone to fill a Home Depot survey, need to long onto Home Depot’s website and find the tab which says “customer satisfaction survey.” From there, the site will take you to the survey page. But before that, the page will ask for the zip code of the user’s residence. This helps in precisely locating the branch in question. From there, the website gives a selection of the units from the user to pick one. This allows the firm to mark down which SBUs, in particular, requires specific improvements. After this, you are presented with an array of questions that help to reveal the quality, reliability, productivity, and the performance of the products that people buy. This gives vital data to understand where improvements are needed and where the company is excelling past its competitors. The information has helped Home Depot capitalize on many instances where they felt that they had the upper hand. Hence, they give considerable preference to a customer’s insight into the company. To encourage customers to fill surveys, they have introduced lucky draws with 5000 dollars Home Depot gift cards.

Stipulations in filling a survey

The first condition of filling a survey is to be locating the website from an area where Home Depot exists. This is because people can not log onto Home Depot’s survey page unless the users are located in places where a Home Depot exists. Besides, you must be sure of what your Zip or postal code address is, as the firm needs to pinpoint the data to a particular branch. This is because most information may not be accurate for every Home Depot branch. Therefore, being as precise as possible is of utmost importance.