Does Medicare limits physical therapy visits?

Without a doubt, the developed countries have seen a drastic improvement in medical health insurance policies. This is primarily due to the fact that now a lot of medical research and development is taking place with respect to these insurance policies. Physical therapy, like any other medical procedure, also involves medical billing. These are known collectively as the physical therapy billing services and are directly linked to an individual’s insurance. Now insurance has become a necessity and the emergence of different insurance companies means that more and more options are now available for the patients at relatively low, and much more attractive costs and prices. Medicare is one such organization that offers medical insurance for its members or patients. Like other organizations, Medicare has also altered some of its insurance policies, keeping in mind the trends of the market and with the primary aim of making medical insurance within the reach of every group and individual.

Medicare has different insurance policies for different procedures. In the case of normal checkups, the situation is different than what it usually is in the case of physical therapy. For a long time, a notion has been put forward that Medicare’s policies state that physical therapy visits should be limited and the organization only covers a certain amount of visits to the physical therapist. However, as you would find later in this piece, this is not the case.

What is Physical Therapy?

This is basically the term that is recognized for any physical treatment that is done to negate or treat any diseases, deformity or injury. The usual methods of physical therapy may involve massage, physical exercise, heat treatment, physiotherapy etc. Physical therapists are the doctors that are associated with this form of treatment and are directly responsible to help injured patients and note down their progress. These therapists are often a very important element of intensive care, preventive care, rehab as well as in the treatment of all the patients that have chronic illness or diseases.

What is the role of a medical biller?

For physical therapists, the procedure of medical billing may vary from the usual one. In this scenario, certain elements like the 8-minute rule, billable time, group services, credentialing and reevaluations are required. Whatever the case maybe, the role of the medical biller remains similar and as important as it is in any other scenario.

Medicare & physical therapy

According to the new billing procedures and the new policies of Medicare, it is clearly said that the organization no longer limits how much payment it actually pays for a medically necessary treatment even if that involves physical therapy. Similarly, the amount of physical therapy visits that are required by one patient is now nowhere limited. The condition of the patient and the prescription and advise of the physical therapists is the key to the entire scenario and is one that determines how many visits would be required on average by a certain patient who requires physical therapy. This is one policy that is greatly hailed and welcomed by both the patients and the doctors as it ensures better health for all.