What Is the Cheapest Form of Advertising?

The Internet has long been the most promising advertising platform with the greatest reach. Today, no magazine or TV channel can offer such a vast audience. Advertising on the Internet is an effective way to increase company revenues and brand awareness. Compared with radio and television advertising and outdoor advertising, the price of promoting your company on the Internet is much lower. Thanks to availability, even small firms, whose budget would never allow them to organize promotion by other methods, for example, on TV, can conduct advertising campaigns online.

Start advertising on social networks

Over the years, social networks have accumulated a lot of data about their users – their interests, gender, age, and marital status. Use this data to run targeted ads. For example, let’s say you’ve decided to promote food delivery. Find your competitors’ groups on the social network and show your ads to their audience. Try broadcasting your ad to subscribers of restaurants and cafes in your area. Expand your search – add those who use deliveries from local stores. Get comments about your product. For example, gathering real reviews from your customers can help at https://upreview.co/. Filter your audience for display by hundreds of parameters. The price depends on the competition. The advertising budget can be saved by selecting people in a way that other advertisers haven’t figured out.

Use coupons

If you have a mass-market product, try to increase demand by using discount coupon services. The service itself usually does not need to pay; it earns on the cost of coupons. This method has both pros and cons. For one thing, it helps improve brand awareness. You get exposure to a larger audience, you get customers for free. On the other hand, the discount should be impressive, on average 50%. And the fact that participants in the action will then come to buy at full price. So it is worth carefully calculating the economics before launching.

Launch aroma marketing and audio marketing

When you walk into a bakery, there is always the aroma of freshly baked bread. Even if it’s evening and the baked goods are on the shelves in the morning. The secret is in the special equipment that spreads scents. Such scents increase our appetite and therefore stimulate us to make a purchase. This is the essence of aroma marketing. Such promotion is worth using in any business that sells food.

Another way to motivate people to spend money is through audio marketing. Psychologists discovered in the 1980s that music helps us relax and make purchasing decisions easier. Most often, such promotion is used in retail stores and services. For example, during the morning hours, slow music is played in stores to put visitors in the mood for a quiet stroll. At rush hour, on the contrary, the melody becomes more dynamic so that even a relaxed person gets into it and buys faster.

Run the sale

Discounts themselves don’t make sense. When we want to increase sales, we mean increase revenue. To do that, you can use non-obvious tricks with discounts and sales. Here’s how it works in grocery retail: take a product from the range for which there is maximum demand and discount it. The cheaper you sell, the better. At the same time, buying something else, already with a normal markup. A similar system is used in many areas. For example, in hardware stores, the main income can come not from the sale of smartphones but from the implementation of covers, flash drives, and other seemingly not very expensive goods. Calculate the economics of your business and try to increase sales in this way.