What is Instagram mother-child method

A huge following is a dire need of everyone who aspires to be an influencer on the internet. People work on their specific niches to focus on getting attention for people, particularly from their niche, if not from the larger audience. We need to understand that being an influencer on Instagram is highly lucrative in terms of monetary compensation. To give an idea of how much such Instagram models and athletes can earn, Cristiano Ronaldo’s income comprises 60% through Instagram marketing. In comparison, only a meager 40% is made through his profession as a professional player.

We must understand that not all people who generate specific personal information on the internet get famous. As far as niches are concerned, a lot of them exist particularly from comedy to sport and from food to fashion for instance. These niches are a good way for people to connect and look for ways to achieve what they desire. Adding to this, exploiting the right niche with the right audience presents an opportunity to earn money as well. Websites like https://www.simplygram.com/, act as an Instagram client, providing aid in terms of data that can be used to understand your audience and put out the content accordingly. One of the popular methods these services use is the “Mother-Child method.” In the following discussion, we will talk about how it works.

How it works

Under the method, there is one mother account, which is the primary account whose followers are meant to be increased. The mother account has no specific job to do, and it just stays there with frequent postings, which helps keep the content fresh and keep the followers loyal. While the mother account has no specific job, the slave or the “child” account or accounts have to follow as many people as possible randomly. This helps to gain a substantial number of following, and since these child accounts can be more than one, it helps to achieve a significant amount of developing over several reports. What happens on these accounts is that they frequently share the “Mother” account content on their profile, which helps to bring a lot of new audiences to the “Mother” account content. These newly-gained followed over several child accounts help to funnel their attention towards the mother account, which in turn helps to increase the following of the actual mother account. Other methods are also available, however, these might include buying bots.

How effective is the method

The concept is an effect as it can be. Multiple accounts have such a ghost account, which may seem fan pages or random people, but in reality, these pages are fake and are there to promote the mother account’s content. This is one method that guarantees success without any investment of money. Although this is a time-consuming method, we must realize that this is a method requiring almost no skill and payment, and getting a potential career out of such practices may seem logical. Many influencers can not waste money on bot-based applications and others may feel that it might take a lot of time for them to gain a potential number of following before they could turn this Instagram account into a career hence, this method can be an excellent option to choose.