What Do You Do When Your Partner Is Cheating On You?

The worse thing a partner can do in a relationship is breaking the trust. Once that is gone no matter how hard you try that niggling little bit of doubt hangs around. You want to forgive, give them a second chance but betrayal not only breaks a bond of trust it changes the person who was betrayed! Being cheated on by a partner or spouse is one of the worst betrayals and one of the most common. According to private investigators Gold Coast, Broadbeach Waters has one of the highest infidelity rates next to cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The world around us has changed so much over the past decade! Where once before getting to another town would mean some mode of transport. With the rise of the internet, all it takes is a click of a button or two and you can reach anyone anywhere at any time. Thus relationships can get even more tested and or complicated. Before there would be signs such working late, going out of town a lot or finding different cologne on their clothes. Physical cheating still happens but now there is also online cheating! Dating sites that actually encourage online affairs and a host of people from all over the globe to choose from! Regardless if it is a virtual relationship or a real physical one cheating is cheating and hurts just the same! What to do if you have been cheated on It is the most horrible feeling when your suspicions are confirmed, and you find out that your other half has been unfaithful. There are so many emotions that boil up inside of you and many different ways different people handle them. The thing is all the advice in the world is not going to stop that impulse to either lash out or withdraw. We are human and being in love handing over your heart and soul to someone is sacred! It leaves you vulnerable to them so when something like this happens it is devastating, crushing and the worst thing is you start to doubt and blame yourself!

7 Points to consider before storming your cheating partner or spouse

1. Let the emotion come don’t bottle it up. But at the same time dig deep and gain control. It’s like throwing a ball through a hoop. If you just throw as hard as you can it is going to go nowhere and could end up bouncing back and hurting, you even more. But if you take a moment, clear your head and think before you throw the ball will most likely hit its target clean and smooth!

2. If you need support or advice go, see a counselor or speak to someone you can trust. No matter how you are feeling about your partner remember not to take it out on others closest to you. They are not your spouse and you are going to need them!

3. Get hard evidence you may feel a bit intrusive doing this yourself and there is no shame in hiring a detective to get this for you. If you can afford it there are lots all over the country there are private investigators Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, etc. All you have to do is an internet search.

4. Those that have been in a long term co-habituating relationship or are married go speak to a lawyer. You are not necessarily looking for a divorce, but you need to know what your legal rights are. Plus, seeking their advice before stalking down your cheating other half is a good move especially if there are complicated marriage contracts in place and kids involved. When you do have it out with them you are fully armed!

5. If you don’t trust yourself to face them on your own get a third party involved to help mediate. Especially if you fear there may be violence as you never know how someone is going to react upon being caught out in such a bad lie.

6. Whatever you do DO NOT go public and splash it all over social media. The need to scathe and show the world what they have done will be very strong. But don’t do it as at the end of the day you will end up looking like the petty one.

7. Take the high road, talk it through, get their side of the story and go from there. There are many things you can try like couples counseling, etc.

Conclusion No one wants to end up in this situation. We want to have the happily ever after and to be able to trust the person we have chosen to love and spend the rest of our lives with. Just remember that they cheated the problem is not with you! It is with them and doesn’t let them make you feel otherwise! Never lose who you are or think you were not good enough!