Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Lowe’s

Are you someone who loves to review a place or service? Do you like shopping in big stores with everything under one roof? Did you know you can find almost all the housing products you need at Lowe’s and give your review at

This is the second-largest store with branches in Canada and the USA since it was founded on 25th March 1921. The store has a lot of interesting facts both you and I probably know and some we never knew about.

Different deals every day

Did you know that the store has special offers on different products daily? You can visit the store often to find out what offers are available on that day. Alternatively, there is an online store at where you can check the prices and order the goods you need.

Constant customers enjoy great deals and discounts off due to such offers. On holidays, the discounts can be huge up to 50%.

The reason why the store gives such huge offers is that it can purchase goods in bulk and sell at a convenient price. This also enables the company to lift off shipping fees.

Bargain for lower prices

At Lowe’s, some associates listen to price negotiations from customers. This does not apply to all products. In case you come across a product that you need and it has defects, the store can lift off some money.

If you also purchase goods in bulk, you can also get good discounts. You can get 20% on the goods if the associates agree to it.

Military discounts

Did you know that the store takes part in the appreciation of people who serve the nation? Both male and female militaries get special discounts together with their families. This also applies to retired veterans with over 20 years of military service.

If you have a family member in the army you can also enjoy these great discounts as their family. This can go up to 10% of the goods you purchase. In case you recently retired; 20 years and below, you can also enjoy discounts under the military offers.

Clearance sales

You can take advantage of the stock the store is selling at a low price to get them cleared from the store. Often, such goods are usually in good condition but moving at a slower pace. You will often find an aisle sign written clearance.

Such aisles can have a variety of goods at a low price that can be beneficial to you.

Seasonal pricing

Are you the type that saves up for special occasions when stores reduce their prices such as black Fridays? If yes then be always on the lookout for seasonal prices such as Christmas or Memorial sales.

Often, the price cuts take place around May to August. Take advantage of such opportunities and make your home a better place while making huge savings at the same time.

In conclusion, the Lowe’s store is a place you can make huge savings if you take advantage of the knowledge provided above.