Which is the best Crypto currency?

Crypto currency is one of the digital assets. It is designed to work as the third party for the transaction process. It is a medium of exchange. It uses strong cryptography to control and verify transfer related terms. It is an alternative to digital currency. It is opposite to central banking system. It is controlled by the distributed ledger. It is one of the newly invented technology. The first invented and the most popular cryptocurrency is the “BITCOIN”. After that about 4000 similar currencies introduced. Crypto currencies are build up through programming languages like C++, JAVA and many more. They have a hash algorithm, symbol, Crypto currency block chain, status, and founder information.

Some Renowned Crypto Currencies: The crypto currencies are available on the internet. They don’t have any Physical existence. If we put down some reliable crypto currencies in a row which is quietly gain user trust. They can be, 1. Bit coin 2. Lite coin 3. Name coin 4. Peer coin 5. Doge coin 6. Grid coin 7. Prime coin 8. Ripple 9. NXT 10. Aurora coin 11. Dash 12. NEO 13. Mazacoin 14. Monero 15. Nem 16. Pot coin And more 3384….. The count is still increasing!!! MORE CRYPTOCURRENCIES: But which is best? There are about 4000 crypto currencies. You cannot rely on all of them and invest in. You have to select the best platform and invest some digital currency to gain the profit. But which will you choose? In a certain aspect of time, Bit coin has proven his intensity among the user panel. It remains as the crypto currency to invest. It is safer than other crypto currencies. It is the digital granddaddy of currencies available through the internet. It already gained the popularity and belief of common people. We should mention that it was the first crypto currency EVER MADE!!! POPULAR CRYPTO CURRENCY: BIT COIN

It is a crypto currency. It is an upgraded form the daily used cash. It is an electric currency with a great physical currency value… It is the digital currency that is decentralized. It has no central mother bank. It works without an administrator. It sends between users and exchange with the physical currency we use on daily basis. IT was made by an unknown group or person. People say a man named “Satoshi Nakamoto” made this digital currency. It is made by C++ programming language. Its main duty is the transaction. The transaction is verified by the network protocol or nodes through crypto currency. There is a term called Block chain, used to record public distributed ledger. It was first released as an open source software. Then the price of a bit coin was low. Bit coin is the result of the process Mining. This currency can be changed in physical currency by an exchange. A survey based on the research of the UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE says. “There is about 5.8 million unique bit coin wallet user at that time” The user limit and the economic strength is growing day by day. BITCOIN INVESTING: In a recent survey, it is heard that BITCOIN is ruling 40% share in the total Crypto currency and also dominating the economic market. The price of per bit coin changes on daily basis. The price range can extend up to $20000 dollar and can decrease to 76 dollars. WHAT A CURRENCY!!!

The price of bit coin dropped about $6000 on the February 2018. If you want to invest in BITCOIN, you need to face the hard truth. The price of it can be extremely low. Then, you will have to take it. You will have to believe the future of bit coin and think twice before investing. THE BEST Crypto currency at the end of 2018: ETC At the end of 2018, Ethereum fought with bit coin and get the top level in the crypto currency. It gained about $720 per coin. It gained about 70 billion dollar Crypto currency!!! It has reached the milestone peek for the total market cap about $138 billion on the latest time. IT is growing at a high rate of 3000% per year. In 2018 it was the second highest and largest Crypto currency after the popular BTC Now, the decision is yours!!! WILL you choose BTC? Or START INVESTING IN ETC? BTC VS ETC…