What Exactly Does a Physical Therapist Do?

Physical therapists are medical specialists with the responsibility of assisting injured or sick patients to improve their movement and manage their pain. To achieve this, they use a number of techniques such as exercise and massage. They also use equipment such as wheelchairs, cane, crutches and walkers.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the median annual wages of physical therapists to be $86, 500 as of May 2017. The same source indicated that the need for physical therapists is expected to rise by 28% from 2016 to 2026.

Combining patients’ treatment with sourcing finances can be cumbersome for physical therapists. To ensure sufficient flow of funds, they have to process claims which approvals can be complicated. Physical therapy billing services reduce this workload by taking care of the financial aspect of the job.
Duties of a Physical Therapist
1. Reviews Medical History: He reviews notes and recommendations given by other medical specialists concerning a patient in order to know the right type of treatment a patient need.

2. Specializes in Improving Patients’ Mobility and Pain Management: He eases the body pain and mobility of a patient who has undergone surgery or suffering from illnesses such as stroke.

3. Documentations: He takes records and evaluates patients’ signs of progress. This helps to make treatment plans.

3. Recommendations: He listens to patient concerns and observes improvement. From his assessment, he recommends ways to ensure quick healing for the patient. Plus, he advises both the patients and their families on how best to manage the recovery process challenges.

How Can You Become a Physical Therapist?
Becoming a physical therapist takes up to seven years, considering the four years spent to earn a bachelor’s degree at college. After your first degree, you will need a doctorate degree in physical therapy (DPT) which usually last for three years.
It is essential that a physical therapist is licensed. So, you will need to take a licensing exam. Depending on your state, you will also take a law exam and undergo a criminal background check.

Essential Qualities You Need as a Physical Therapist
1. Compassion: Physical therapy, as a profession, requires the practitioners to be compassionate. To enjoy your work, you must be willing and ready to help your patients overcome their conditions, and start living normal lives.

2. Detail-oriented: You must be able to observe big and small differences in your patients. This will help you to monitor your patients’ progresses and retrogresses. Ultimately, you will be able to plan your treatment from your observation.

3. Time management: Depending on the number of your patients per day, you must be able to effectively plan your schedule in order to avoid consuming too much time with one patient, and consequently too less time with another.

4. Patience: It is necessary for you to listen to the concerns or your patients. As a physical therapist, you work with different patients of all ages and diverse spheres of life. You need, therefore, to possess enough patience to understand them individually.

5. Physical stamina: You would have to enjoy being on your feet, moving and demonstrating physical techniques to your patients.