The Top Six Best Cold Pressed Juices

Most people ask is this cold pressed juice beneficial? Or is it even necessary at all? This is so to those who have not heard of cold-pressed juices before. Below you are going to learn what they are and how beneficial they are.

These best cold pressed juices are the type of juices that are extracted by pressing. Juices that are extracted by pressing are more nutritious and contain more minerals, vitamins, and enzymes more than other juices that extracted by any other mean. A press juicer is used to press the fresh vegetables and fruits to the point the nectar is extracted from the pulp. Pressing the fruits and vegetables reduces the amount of heat generated unlike when grinding or blending. Since pressing does not produce any heat oxidation does not occur, thus degradation of the fruits’ nutrients and minerals is avoided. Taking pressed vegetables and fruits is like taking them law.

The pressed juices are not the only preservative-free but their nutrients are directly absorbed into the body. With these pressed juices oxidation and the free radical damage are minimized too. But you can also add flavors to suit you. Below are a few best cold pressed juices types that have health benefits that are most recommended for you.

Six types of pressed juices

1. Berry glow. The berry glow is a combination of blueberry, pear, and coconut. Blueberry is the main fruit in making the berry glow. The blueberries contain phytochemicals notable being anthocyanins. When mixed with vitamin c and manganese it is used as an antioxidant that protects the body system.

2. The ex 2 endurance. This is the organic Elixir. Which is a combination of beetroot, raw cacao, carrot, rainbow and lastly raspberry. Yes, they are small but believe me you, they do pack a punch. This juice prevents fatigue enhancing performance. The rainbow and beetroot contain nutrients that lower the amount of oxygen needed in the body this enables the body to work longer without tiring. The reduction of oxygen reduces the damage of cells caused by working out.

3. Black lemonade. This kind of pressed juice is made from the combination of lemon, cayenne, alkaline water and activated coconut charcoal. The activated coconut charcoal is absorbent and a natural detoxifier, it holds on to toxins, cholesterol chemicals and other harmful substances and removing them from the body. With the combination of the other recipes makes the best flush there is. Meaning it cleanses the body and the replenishes the water storage.

4. The greens 3 juice. This combines spinach, kale, cucumber, parsley, celery, lemon, apple, and ginger. These help in huge intake of greens required by a day. But when these vegetables are combined with ginger, apple and lemon, the greens 3 tastes amazingly better. The greens 3 also neutrally detoxifies the body not forgetting this providing antioxidant and inflammatory benefits.

5. The earth 5 juice. This is a very delicious juice based on the carrot (beta-carotene). The juice is made from a combination of carrot, pineapple, turmeric, celery, orange and lemon. Beta-carotenes is a source of vitamin A. which is important for the eyes and the skin. By mixing the other fruits the added nutrient is vitamin C good for fighting not only stress, and fatigue, not forgetting cold and flu symptoms. Turmeric provides an extra boost in immune and supports the health of the liver functions.

6. Smooth energy. Smoothies are the other kind of juices that can replace meals since its combined with more fruits and vegetables. The smoothie is a combination of pineapple, lettuce, cucumber, lime, coconut water, kale and avocado. These do not only make the smoothie have a wonderful flavor but makes it healthier. The avocado regulates cholesterol levels and keeps a healthy system.