Is Your Supply Chain Bulletproof?

If there is one critical lesson that we have learned in recent times, is that uncertainty has the possibility of rendering a company obsolete. As a business owner or director, you have to take into consideration the possibilities of such uncertainties in your supply chain operation. How ready is your business to overcome potential challenges that may arise?

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In times of uncertainties, one common vulnerability for supply chain companies is not knowing where your goods and products are. This is called ‘being in the dark’. The supply chain manager cannot identify where a certain shipment is and therefore the contingencies put in place cannot be actualized.

Supply chain visibility ensures that your team is always aware of the location of your products and goods. You can identify them as they move through your supplier’s transportation networks and into your care. Once inventory is completed, their movement through your channels and to your customers can also be monitored, at all times and regardless of the situation.

Supply chain flexibility

Can your company adapt to changes in the environment? If no, then you need to build in some supply chain flexibility. In simpler terms, your supply chain needs to be able to restructure quickly and at the lowest cost possible. This will keep your company afloat and operational. Supply chain flexibility is critical as it allows for you to maintain the current relationships and deliver the contracts on time.

With the guidance of the IOR Africa experts, you can assess the current state of your infrastructure and help you create a new system that will help you forecast the uncertainties.

Investigate the use of third parties

Due to the enormity of the international trade business, it is almost impossible not to work with third parties. You will find that you have outsourced some of your business or operations. This might be in the form of suppliers, logistics providers, or manufacturing partners. While this might be inevitable, it is not an excuse for a lack of due diligence. You are expected to perform a thorough investigation into service providers who are linked to your company’s business and operations.

As a company, are you ready to handle any contingencies that might befall your company? How flexible is your organization? Can it handle challenges or obstacles on the fly? You can never underestimate the value of a contingency plan to your logistics and supply chain management company. If you need upgrading and streamlining your supply chain, make contact with the experienced team at IOR Africa.