How to Compare Personal Injury Lawyers

It is always advisable never to file an injury related case without a lawyer. Different areas in the law require a specific lawyer specialized in that area. In this case, personal injury lawyers specialize in tort law. The typical injury cases result from professional malpractice, slip and fall accidents, and traffic accidents. This is why private injury lawyers are known as trial lawyers. If you hire the best Bergen County personal injury lawyer, he or she will negotiate the best compensation package for your injuries. This is because most of the particular injury cases are always settled out of court.

You need a good lawyer who is not afraid of going for a trial, especially if you were injured due to someone else negligence. How do you choose the best personal injury lawyer? This video will help you understand this topic better. Some factors will guide you on how to select the best personal injury lawyer for your case.

  1. Practice

In this case, the area of specialization is particular. This is a personal injury case, and you need a lawyer who specializes in tort law. Look for a lawyer who has the trial experience in tort law. A lawyer who understands the processes associated with cases involving personal injury. The lawyer may also need to understand medical diagnoses to come up with a convincing case that will convince the trial judge to award you the damages.

  1. Location

The personal injury lawyer must be practicing in the area you intend to file the case. In this case, you should opt for referrals; there must be someone in that area who knows a good personal injury lawyer. The lawyer must be licensed to practice in that area. Otherwise, your case may be dismissed.

  1. Trial experience

This is very important. You need a personal injury lawyer who has the necessary expertise. They should have participated in most trial cases and won some of them. Though there is no known formula for winning arguments, you need someone who has not lost most of his claims. A good Bergen County personal injury lawyer files cases correctly and on time, follows up on the opposing counsel and correctly interviews the witnesses. This is crucial to winning the case.

  1. Disciplinary record

Find out if there have been complaints about the personal injury lawyer you intend to hire. In most countries, this information is available publicly on the state bar website. Check to see if they have been suspended or disbarred in previous years. You don’t want to hire a lawyer who has a dark past.

  1. Reputation

In any state, there must be a lawyer who has been practicing for the longest time. Reputation is what builds trust with the clients. Your clients should come to you because they trust you. If you want to win your injury case, you should hire a personal injury lawyer who has gathered enough experience through years of practice.



The best way to compare personal injury lawyers is through reputation and trial experience. Always ask for referrals from members who have won previous injury cases. A good personal injury lawyer will ensure that you get compensated either through the court process or an out of court settlement.