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Does Midway Airport have Free Parking?

Finding a parking space when one visits a busy place, such as an airport could be quite a daunting task. This reality is actual at Midway Airport in Chicago, where passengers and other people undergo difficulties while looking for somewhere to park their automobiles. These realities help to explain the huge demand for parking space at the airports-a thing that compels management to charge parking fees. The proceeds go towards maintaining the parking spaces, compensate parking personnel, and other uses. The Midway airport parking mainly serves Southwest Airlines in the Illinois region. People visiting the airport should be aware that there are no free parking spaces at this airfield. This article evaluates some parking options for Midway Airport that stretch from daily and hourly to the economy and long-term parking.

The location of Midway airport parking is on the southern region of the airport; a couple of miles to the Chicago Loop and is the smallest amongst the other two Chicago Airports, with the largest being O’Hare. Drivers have the option of selecting about four parking options inside the airport, and some garages and lots that are off-site. The Management of the airport has gone an extra mile to provide customers with a parking option guide that offers customers parking preferences that best suits their needs. Imperatively, there are no free parking spaces at the airport since all the lots mentioned earlier come with predestined parking rates. There are also details on both long and short-term options, tips, maps, and links that lead to other resources.

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Different Packages at Midway Airport Parking

Some passengers opt for long-term parking at Midway Airport. These categories mostly comprise of passengers who personally drive their way and need to leave their car somewhere as they travel by plane. Such parking slots bear the blue, yellow, and red colors, and positioned in the street that borders the terminal. Airport shuttles that come and go within an interval of five to ten minutes serve them. The charges are $ 15 per day for the parking slot and $31 for leaving one’s car in the garage. There are private slots at Midway airport parking that are for VIP treatment, but the majority of people prefer regular slots because of their low prices, as well as the convenience they bring; the economy class mostly uses the latter, and the related parking slot titled “Economy Parking.” They have quite reliable shuttles that serve them. The charges depend on the duration of parking one’s car. For instance, a 30 minutes stay attracts a price of $ 2, while 30 minutes to 1 hour will require $ 5. Lastly, leaving one’s car up to 24 hours will attract a charge of $15.

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Midway Airport parking is not free. The main parking garage is next to the entrance terminal. There are two parking options where customers could choose, including long-term and economy. All of them come with different conditions, and it is up to the customer to know what they want before making a payment for a parking lot. While doing this, the best philosophy is to seek an alternative that maximizes one’s value for their money.