Do Inside Sales Make Commission in Real Estate?

An ISA real estate agent is a professional who has been trained by experts in the real estate industry. They are tasked to actively convert and nurture leads from first contact until a sale or a transaction occur.

Their goal is to nurture a lead to increase conversion rates. They carry the brunt of the task required to guarantee a strong trajectory for your business.


Their main tasks are;

  • Taking both inbound and outbound sales calls
  • Maintaining strong customer relations
  • Following up with leads either by call, e-mails or live chats
  • Establish appropriate time to consult with prospective leads and closing sales


Responsibilities of ISA

Historically the role of ISA was previously handled by customer service. This was (is) a big task and mostly they could not be able to close on all the leads that came through to the business.

ISA has come to offload that pressure from the customer service team and let them serve customers better. This is because ISA are responsible for qualifying, servicing and converting leads into sale and therefore increasing your profits.

They act as the support team for your customer service team. They are dedicated in obtaining as many qualified leads as possible and connecting you to with the most probable prospects.

Having the best result from ISA requires the highest level of management and accountability.


Outsourcing ISA or Hiring In-house team

An ISA candidate need to be confident, self-driven, social, easy to get along with and passionate about making sales.

Hiring In-house agent requires time, training and managing the team. While outsourcing saves you time and the hustle of recruiting. You are able to get self-driven agents who are well trained.

Outsourcing is more cost-effective as it leaves enough flexibility in your business to either expand or downsize staffing.

It is far much better to outsource than to hire an in-house team because they are more reliable as they provide a stable foundation and support system guaranteeing your business success. Outsourcing lowers the risk of hiring the wrong team members.


Compensation of ISA

Some companies prefer to use commission pay stricture to their inside sales agents, while others prefer quota-based compensation. Mostly this is determined by the size of the company. The small size prefer commission based while large companies prefer quota-based compensation.

To establish a competitive compensation plan, companies should benchmark each inside role against comparable roles in the market using custom survey.

The compensation should be motivating and competitive therefore enabling to retain the best talent.

The less you pay for leads the more it will cost to convert to sales, and the more there are high chances of the leads being converted to sales.

There should be a proper communication on the compensation plan before engaging the Inside Sale Agents especially if they are outsourced. This give both parties to discuss and come to an agreement that work best for both. With this it will ensure the team is performing at their best.