7 Tips for Creating Amazing Instagram Videos

Instagrammers who look to increase their following and reach as many people as possible are always on the lookout for very effective ways of making sure that images and videos they create on Instagram are exciting and engaging. However, great content needs an audience. And if you are just starting your Instagram career, it might be great to make use of some Social Media marketers like those from SimplyGram. Also, sometimes the level of creativity is very high while sometimes it is not as expected. So, it is always helpful to search for tips and tricks to create more exciting content. Indeed, the best way to engage the audience and maintain their retention levels is through making short, crisp, engaging videos. For these videos, it is always essential to use them strategically so that the videos are liked and shared by people on Instagram.

To improve your video-making skills and make these videos more interesting, here are seven tips to make sure that your videos always stand out.

Try to tell an exciting story

Instagram has become a social media platform where people also log in to learn more about people and their lives. They follow your profile since they are interested in you and your story. Hence, when addressing these people in a video, you always share a personal anecdote or story to keep the followers engaged and interested. Shoot a video telling your origins, feature your staff, or present a short bio of a relevant figure within your niche.

Use Subtitles

To make sure that people of all regions and languages understand your video, it is essential to add subtitles. Adding subtitles also adds a creative feel to the overall persona and may also be beneficial for people who have hearing problems.

Create DIY videos

Instagram has become a platform for people to learn how to carry out specific tasks as well. Using your account, you can create a “How-To” or a “Do It Yourself (DIY)” video that will allow your followers to learn more about specific things that you want to teach related to your niche. A lot of companies use a “How-It-Works” video to tell people how to use their applications or products.

Keep it short

Studies have shown that the shorter and more relevant the videos are, the higher the chances are that its content is retained by the one who sees it. It is advised to keep the videos short, crisp, engaging, and relevant.

Address Current Issues

Staying up to date is one of the most critical factors in keeping your account relevant and exciting. When making videos, current issues must be discussed so that the followers can stay up to date with the happenings related to the niche.

Make emotional videos

The videos you create must inspire some emotions. They should be able to make your followers either happy, sad, make them laugh or cry. The higher the video’s ability to inspire feeling, the higher the chances are that the videos will be shared.

Know what you are doing

Stories are an exciting way to engage the audience. However, the narrator must keep in mind the purpose of creating the video. Your videos can be a combination of different goals and motivations as well.