5 Common Bedroom Design Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

From the moment we realize ourselves in life, we always want to have a space we can own and arrange according to our preference. This space for most of us is the bedroom. However, we often make mistakes while decorating our rooms and we do not even recognize them from the start until way later. To learn more about bedroom designs, click here.

Several factors affect the arrangement of furniture in the bedroom, such as the size of the bedroom, the shape of the bedroom, and the positioning of the windows. So, what are the common bedroom design mistakes we often make and how do we avoid them?

Bed size

Most of us want a gigantic bed where we can toss and turn as much as we want at night. We also want our friends to have space when they come over for parties or night stays. However, not all spaces accommodate a vast bed. If the bed occupies all available space in your bedroom, then it is wrong.

To fix this, go for a size suitable for your room. Leave some space to walk on for your safety and convenience. Do you imagine the pain of hitting your smallest toe on furniture? You do not want to experience that pain, so go for a bed size that suits your room well.

Also, if you have a huge room and your bed is tiny, you can go for a larger size or ensure it occupies the middle space. Make the room conspicuous as well by stuffing it with bright colors and unique eye-catching designs.

Storage space

Are you having your clothes all over the bedroom? This can be because you did not plan on how to store your clothes. A messy room can disorient your thoughts and feelings.

Fix this by making arrangements for your storage space through either wardrobes, closets, shoe racks, or dressers.

Outlet position

The current lifestyle entails a lot of gadgets that need to be charged. Ensuring your outlet is well positioned is a key element when it comes to design. Ensuring you have an easy-to-reach outlet is very important.

Avoid placing your bed against an outlet, as you will have a hard time reaching it and this could lead to frustrations. Use extensions where necessary if your space is small.


How well is your room lit? Do you have the traditional single ceiling mounted light in your room? Then you need to upgrade to better lighting techniques. You can opt for a bedside lamp on either side of the bed or a wall-mounted light. They help in regulating the brightness in the room when you need more light or when you need dim light.

Excess accessories

If you have photo frames hanging all over your walls, then you are probably having all kinds of thoughts the moment you get to your bedroom. It is okay to have all those around the entire house, but not in your bedroom alone.

Instead, have two or three of your favorites hanging on the wall you face most of the time. Avoid having too many of those.

In conclusion, when designing your bedroom, look for simple design ideas and choose the appropriate options that meet all your preferences and make you feel comfortable.